Our holistic Sustainable Development Model and group-wide sustainability targets enable us to make a powerful contribution to the economic and social development of our host communities.

Policy documents

Health Safety and Environment Policy

We believe in sustainable development and we are committed to effective management of health, safety, environment and community development as an integral part of our business. We strive to

  • develop, implement and maintain health, safety and environment (HSE) management systems, aligned with our commitments and beliefs, and consistent with world-class standards
  • comply with applicable HSE regulations in all our activities to ensure a safe and healthy work environment
  • seek continuous improvement by setting and reviewing targets, assessing and reporting HSE performance, using appropriate best available practices and providing all employees with HSE training
  • implement regular health surveillance and risk-based monitoring of employees
  • conserve natural resources, raw materials, water and energy with process improvements, recycling and waste reduction/recycling
  • work with communities to contribute to their development
  • encourage contractors and suppliers to adopt our principles and practices
  • communicate with all our stakeholders on the progress and performance of HSE management.

People and Community

We believe in sustainable development and we are committed to raising the quality of life and social wellbeing of our host communities, guided by

  • our community development initiatives prioritised according to local needs:
    • social investment (health, education and livelihood)
    • bio-investment (water harvesting, agriculture and social forestry)
    • environmental conservation
  • incorporating all corporate social responsibility activities of operating locations as an integral part of their business plans with appropriate implementation
  • working with like-minded associates, government bodies and volunteer organisations in pursuit of our mission
  • measuring and reporting progress while encouraging third-party reviews
  • regularly communicating with all our stakeholders on progress and performance of social management

Social Policy

Our people are our key assets so we are committed to ensuring that they enjoy excellent wellbeing and quality of life.

A strong community foundation is at the core of our business success and effective management style. We achieve this by building good quality relationships among our people and thus also strengthen community support.

Community empowerment is essential to improving the quality of life enjoyed by our host communities striving to achieve self-sustainability.

We believe in nurturing and mentoring leaders within our organisation and providing employees with the guidance and knowledge they need to grow and thrive by

  • contributing to the needs of our host communities
  • creating strong, trustworthy partnerships to support our communities
  • ensuring strong relationships with all of our stakeholders through proactive communication and engagement
  • making our workplaces free from all forms of discrimination and harassment
  • managing our business with integrity to ensure that our employees’ rights and dignity are respected
  • operating as a responsible and good neighbour
  • honouring all commitments following mergers and acquisitions
  • engaging transparently and in good faith with our suppliers and customers
  • working with communities to contribute towards their development.