Corporate Governance

As a unit of Vedanta Resources Limited, VZI adheres to the same strict code of conduct and corporate governance rules as our parent company.

Code of Conduct

Vedanta’s code of conduct promotes behavior that is

  • Honest
  • Ethical
  • Compliant
  • Accountable
  • Safe
  • Innovative
Health, Safety and Environment

Effective management of health, safety and the environment (HSE) is an intergral part of our business and a critical imperative in ensuring the long term sustainability of natural resources.

At VZI, we strive to

  • Ensure world class standards
  • Continously improve on best practices
  • Exceed designated targets to ensure a safe and healthy work environment
  • Regularly survey the health and wellbeing of employees
  • Encourage business partners and suppliers to adopt our principles and practices
  • Conserve resources and materials through sustainabale usage, recycling and process improvements
  • Develop and uplift the communities within which we operate
  • Communicate with stakeholders on progress and performance
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our CSR initiatives prioritise the needs of the communities within which we operate and are guided by our focus on

  • Social Investment (health, education and livelihood)
  • Bio-Investment (water harvesting, agriculture and social forestry)
  • Environmental Conservation

As VZI we strive to

  1. Achieve all targets in each operation, guided by our overall CSR programme
  2. Measure and report progress
  3. Encourage external third party reviews
  4. Regularly communicate with all stakeholders on the progress and performance of our CSR programme
  5. Work with like-minded partners, government bodies and volunteer organisations in pursuit of our mission
People and Communities

Community upliftment and people development are central to ensuring our success. People are our main asset and communities grant us our social license to operate. At VZI, we are committed to building long term, people-focused relationships which provide the platform that secures trusting and beneficial connections with our communities.

We are committed to promoting well-being and ensuring the quality of life for all our people and communities within which we operate. This is achieved by building strong foundations within host communities and developing and maintaining community support for all our activities.

We aim to empower host communities by

  1. Contributing towards their development needs
  2. Ensuring strong, trustworthy relationships are maintained through continued communication and engagement
  3. Operating as a responsible neighbour
  4. Honouring all commitments
  5. Operating in an open and transparent manner