Health, Safety and Environment

We endeavor to provide a safe and secure workplace for all our people, one that is injury-free and where work-related illness is prevented.

Safety is Our First Value and our focus is on ensuring that all our people – employees and stakeholders – return home safely and in good health every day. “Zero Harm” is our goal.
Our employees’ health matters. We strive to:
  • Protect, maintain and improve employee health and well-being
  • Identify safety risks and manage exposure to illness
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle
Our world-class HSE systems oversee all aspects of the workplace and allow us to continuously meet and improve on our targets. We have health surveillance and risk-based monitoring systems in place and regularly communicate the progress and performance of these with all our stakeholders, especially employees.
We are committed to ensuring a sustainable future guided by the principle of respecting, protecting, and conserving the environment.We achieve this by:
  • Efficiently using natural resources
  • Minimizing waste and ensuring the safe disposal of all waste generated
  • Preventing air, water, and ground pollution using advanced technology and monitoring systems
  • Conserving natural resources through continuous recycling and waste reduction processes and systems