Company Profile

Globally diversified Natural Resources Company with interests in zinc-lead-silver, Iron ore, Steel, Copper, Aluminium, Power, Oil and Gas.
Our dynamic portfolio follows a history of consistent geological discovery, technological advancement and sustainable development. Operating responsibly and ethically is an integral part of Vedanta's core values. We deliver on our commitments to all internal and external stakeholders by demonstrating these values through our actions, processes, systems and interactions. We constantly learn and develop; and endeavour to improve our operations. We are fully committed to working with integrity and have upheld 'uncompromising business ethics'.
Anil Agarwal
The Founder and Chairman
Vedanta Zinc International (VZI) is the proud custodian of Vedanta Resources Limited’s zinc assets in Africa. VZI is a grouping of zinc assets located in South Africa and Namibia, owned by the 6th largest Diversified Resources Company in the world, Vedanta Limited.
VZI is the largest integrated zinc operation in Africa, with a vision to be a globally renowned brand in the base metals sector.
The BMC cluster, Black Mountain Mining (BMM) and Gamsberg Mine, represents VZI’s South African operations while the Skorpion Zinc Mining and Refining operations are in Namibia.
VZI employs 2700 people directly and indirectly of which 99% are local South Africans, 80% are from the Northern Cape, and 60% from the Namakwa District, where operations are located.
Phase 1 of VZi’s flagship mine, Gamsberg, was initiated with the first blast in July 2015. 4 million tonnes of ore is currently being mined annually to produce 250 000 tonnes of zinc metal-in-concentrate from a dedicated plant. It is currently the largest Zinc Mine in Africa with a staff complement of about 800 people.

BMM comprises two underground shafts – Deeps and Swartberg - and a processing plant. The Deeps shaft produces copper, lead, and zinc, with silver as a by-product. Annual production is of the order of 102Ktpa of zinc-equivalent metal-in-concentrate.

The Swartberg shaft produces primarily copper and lead, with silver as a by-product. Annual production is of the order of 13.5Ktpa of metal-in-concentrate.