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  • How do I apply for a career opportunity?
    • Visit our Career Opportunities page.
    • Email your resume to the email address provided on the advertised career opportunity. (NB: We do not accept applications by fax)
    • Email Subject: Tittle of the advertised career opportunity
    • We will contact you if we have a suitable position.
  • What happens after I apply for a vacancy?

    After you have submitted your application, you will receive confirmation via an automated email response. Our recruiters and hiring managers will contact you if your application has been selected for consideration. If not, we will keep your résumé in our database and contact you when a suitable position becomes vacant.

  • Can I apply for more than one vacancy at a time?

    Yes. Please apply for any vacancy that you believe matches your skills set and career aspirations.

  • Can I fax my application to you?

    No. We only accept online applications at VACANCIES and résumés emailed to us at recruitment@vedantaresources.co.za.

  • Do you advertise vacancies elsewhere?

    Yes. Please also read advertisements in your local newspaper.

  • How do I apply for a vacancy?
    • Visit our VACANCIES page.
    • Email your résumé to recruitment@vedantaresources.co.za (NB: We do not accept applications by fax)
    • We will contact you if we have a suitable position.
  • Can I submit my résumé even if I do not see a vacancy that interests me or suits my skills set?

    Yes. Vacancies on our website are only a sample of what we offer hence we encourage you to submit your résumé for inclusion in our database.

  • How often are new vacancies posted on your website?

    We post vacancies regularly – often daily – so we recommend that you visit VACANCIES regularly.

  • Can I apply for a vacancy in a country other than my own?

    Yes. We offer a broad range of career opportunities in South Africa and Namibia.