Sustainable Livelihoods


This is the Company’s flagship program for on-farm sustainable livelihood, reaching out to 13,835 farmers through agriculture interventions and 11,507 families through livestock interventions to date. The foundational element of the project is the formation of Farmer Interest Groups in villages based on their unique circumstances such as types of landholding and farm activity to help them collectively overcome challenges related to market access and product pricing. Some of the key efforts carried out during the year focused on improving soil health, quality of agriculture seeds & horticulture plants, improving breeds of animals like goats, buffaloes & cows, and improving farming practices & technology. In the Agriculture vertical; under high-tech cultivation- an average production of 4700 kg of Chilly was obtained, in this production cycle in Dariba, Zawar & Chanderiya clusters. In the cropping cycle, the farmers earned an average income of over Rs.1 lakh. Under the Tree-Based Farming- an income of Rs 21403 has been generated per Famers for 285 farmers for 285 Old WADIs of Guava and Lemon. Under the Livestock vertical; 94 Animal Health camps were organized across the clusters in convergence with the Dept of AHD. Total 4975 Artificial inseminations from conventional semen were done, in which 492 female calves were born. 465 AIs were done using the newly introduced cutting edge technology of Sorted Semen which assures the farmer with 90 % certainty of a female calf.


Skill Development Projects

train local youth for appropriate job-related skills based on their aptitude and education to improve their employability. Key highlights for the year were

BPO Training

was imparted to 60 youth at 2 locations. The majority of the candidates have been placed with IT, banking, and related sectors in surrounding districts.

ITI training at Maruti Suzuki, Gurgaon

is a 2-year course offered by Maruti Suzuki to train youth for jobs in the automotive industry. Instead of starting its own ITI training program, the Company decided to encourage, prepare and support youth to be selected for this program. Presently, 162 youths have made it to this program

Skilling & Entrepreneurship Centres

Skill development centers at Dariba and Agucha train youth in six different trades including microfinance, home electrician, security guard, general duty assistant, sales associate, and data entry. During the year, a total of 666 candidates has been trained out of which 540 are placed with different organizations. And, another 104 are undergoing training.