Women's Empowerment


The flagship project is geared towards mobilizing rural women into self-help groups (SHGs) and developing their capacities around leadership, skill development, savings, and entrepreneurship. Under this project, there are 2159 SHGs, 189 Village Organisations, with a membership of about 26,560 with total savings of Rs 9.35 Crore and cumulative loans of Rs 26.9 Crore including credit of Rs 3.41 Crore leveraged from banks. 21,891 women availed loans from SHGs for various purposes like livelihood activities, education, debt redemption, and household consumption. 671 women have started or expanded their micro-enterprises. To provide sustainable livelihood opportunities to these SHG women- Spice, pulses & pickle-based micro-enterprise units have been established in Chanderiya, Agucha, and Kayak locations engaging 200+ women. The leadership skills of more than 500 women are being developed through various training & capacity-building programs, these women are now working as community cadres.