Basic Services and Infrastructure

Engineering Capacity Support/Institutional Capacity Support
Black Mountain Mine as per request assist the Khâi-Ma local municipality with the maintenance of the municipal fleet e.g. water trucks, sewage trucks, etc.
BMM also assists with continuation support with regards to the breakages/maintenance of bulk water supply of pump stations (Orange River), as well as regular waste pipe breakages in the towns of Pella, Pofadder, Witbank and Onseepkans. In addition, BMM bestows electricity assistance toward the Nama-Khoi Municipality in our labour sending area.
Telecommunication/Community Wifi
Black Mountain launched the V-Fi Mobile Wifi Hotspots in the town of Pella, Pofadder, and Aggeneys and have extended the Hotspots in 2020 to Onseepkans and Witbank covering all of the host communities in the Khai-Ma municipal area. The mobile hotspots give ease of access to small businesses and students to the internet. Community Members are able to access 500MB of Data per person, per week within the range of the hotspots.