Jeevan Tarang “Zinc Ke Sang”

The program has completed three years and reaching 700+ Persons with Disabilities (PwD). The focus is on empowering Persons with Disabilities to become contributing members of their families. HZL has taken the first step and is catering to the educational needs of PwD. The difference that has been made through this program has been in terms of achieving improved learning of 700+ children having Visual impairment and hearing impairment. Out of the above, around 600 have been educated on Indian Sign Language through a disciplined curriculum, and 100 visually impaired in technology. The project also aims to spread overall awareness and sensitization about the disabled among the public and employers to build an equal and inclusive society. Some of the outcomes from the year were; Improvement in teacher-student classroom communication & interaction. Active usage of sign language by teachers in the classrooms has led to accessible education. Workshops on women’s health (menstrual hygiene & sexual violence) have led to the girl student being able to share and seek support from family members for better health. Sensitization session with parents of deaf- awareness on career prospects, gender equality, and the issue of child marriage.