Small Scale Farming
Black Mountain Mine strives to meet the needs of local communities through investment in socio-economic development and conservation of the environment, solar water pumps have been installed on small-scale farms in Pella, Pofadder, Onseepkans and Witbank and benefits 50 farmers. This initiative in a Presidentially declared drought-stricken area ensures that livestock and small scale farmers have adequate natural quality water.
SLP / Social Economic Impact Assessment Study
We can positively influence and contribute to the sustainable development of the business relationships with all stakeholders, especially the host communities in which we operate. We will continuously work towards improving the quality of life of the community members.
Donations and Sponsorships
Donations and Sponsorships to the community are based on needs analyses and Black Mountain Mine contributes to these projects by availing resources and funds to alleviate dire circumstances. VZI agreed to assist farmers by providing lucerne bales, lucerne pellets, drought pellets, and cattle feed pellets to the value of R2 million. The project kicked off on 10 February 2020 and the feed was distributed over 2 weeks in the 5 municipal areas (Pella, Pofadder, Onseepkans, Witbank & Aggeneys). The drought relief assistance ensured that the local farmers could feed their livestock for a maximum of three months.
Broad-Based Livelihood Program / Livestock
The Khâi-Ma-focused Broad-Based Livelihood (BBL) program, facilitated by Umsizi, is an ongoing flagship and ongoing socio-economic poverty alleviation program. The programme encourages inclusive local economic development by transferring horticulture skills that will assist communities towards food security and job creation. Through the BBL Programme, Black Mountain seeks to start and develop a sustainable development plan to ensure economic wellbeing in surrounding communities post mine closure. The BBL Livestock and Horticulture program is in its 3rd year and has seen over 650 beneficiaries partaking in this programme.

Vedanta BBL