BMM is located in the mining town of Aggeneys which was founded in 1976 to service the mine. The town is located in the Khâi-Ma municipal area of the Namakwa District in the Northern Cape of South Africa.
Gamsberg is located in the heart of the Northern Cape’s succulent Karoo, about 20km east of Aggeneys and about 30km from BMM.


Vedanta holds 69.6%. Exxaro Resources, a leading South African BEE company owns 24.4% and ESOP holds 6%.


Deeps and Swartberg comprise underground mining, a dedicated concentrator plant, and an assay laboratory.
Gamsberg comprises an open-pit mine, a dedicated concentrator plant, and a robotic assay laboratory.


Deeps is serviced by a vertical shaft and produces primarily copper, lead, and zinc, with silver as a by-product. The total production rate is around 1 million tonnes per annum.
Swartberg is accessed through a decline and produces primarily copper and lead, with silver as a by-product. The total production rate is around 900 thousand tonnes per annum.
The annual production of both operations for FY24 is of the order of 75Kt of metal-in-concentrate.
The main mining method used is cut-and-fill but where the orebody permits, massive mining methods such as blast-holes and long-hole stoppings are used to mine stopes of 20m to 30m in height. Backfilling is employed at Deeps to provide the primary working platform in the cut-and-fill mining method and where required for stability in the long-hole mining method.
The mill has a nominal capacity of 1.65 million tonnes per annum. Ore is processed using conventional techniques and differential flotation. Ore is passed to the primary crusher and crushed to 150mm after which it then goes to the secondary and tertiary crushers to be crushed to 16mm. After milling, the ore is fed into the flotation circuit.
Following differential flotation copper, lead, and zinc concentrates are produced. The ore contains approximately 25g/t silver, which is recovered in both the copper and lead concentrates.