Friday, 18 November 2016

One brick at a time

At Vedanta Zinc International we regard the community as part of our extended family and design our community-based engagement around the third sustainability pillar of Vedanta: “Adding and sharing value”. We aim to assist the communities targeted for empowerment so they become self-sufficient.

Vedanta Zinc International and BMM re-affirmed their commitment to creating sound relationships and strong community ties with the people of the Khai-Ma community, from where BMM draws the majority of its workforce, by funding a skills development initiative: the brick-making project in Pella. Initially, nine community members were selected to be part of the brick-making project, which has been operated by a non-profit organization since 2012.

The project, with a capacity to produce over 1 000 modified bricks per day, had already established itself as a small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) by securing contracts to supply bricks for the construction of 60 RDP houses in the Khai-Ma Municipality and become part of the Expanded Public Works program supply chain. The project also serves the surrounding communities and businesses.

What Nathan Williams, former General Manager of BMM, stated at the inauguration of the brick-making factory remains true today: “We firmly believe that corporate social responsibility and engagement with our principal stakeholders should not be part of a ‘whether to do it or not’ soul-searching debate, but part of Black Mountain’s daily activities.”

Through our collaborative efforts, working directly with non-governmental partners in consultation with the government, BMM is pleased to have contributed to this skills development and entrepreneurship initiative that has led to long-term economic development and employment in the Khai-Ma Municipality.

The brick making project demonstrates BMM:apos:s steadfast resolve to improve the quality of life for all.