Skorpion Zinc


Skorpion Zinc (NamZinc) is located 25km north of the town of Rosh Pinah, in the //Kharas Region of southern Namibia.


Comprising an open-pit mine and refinery, Skorpion is the largest integrated zinc operation in Africa and is to VZI’s vision for a Southern African zinc complex with international standing.


Due to unforeseen geotechnical pit instabilities that posed a risk to mining activities and largely our employees, both the mine and refinery were placed under care and Maintenance with effect from 1 May 2020. Currently, we have a team of 35 employees that are looking after the asset while we are working on the conversion of the current Refinery. Prior to going into Care & Maintenance, Skorpion Zinc’s total employment stood at 1,800 with 96% being local Namibians.


Before going into Care and Maintenance, Skorpion Zinc had spend approximately NAD 60 million on local community projects. Community support focus areas are Sports, Health, Education, Livelihoods and Covid-19 Relief.

Though under Care and Maintenance, Skorpion Zinc continues to contribute to the upliftment of the host communities in Rosh Pinah and the //Kharas Region at large albeit on a small scale. Education remains one of the key areas where we continue to give support in the local schools.


In order to create a sustainable life for Skorpion Zinc and shorten the care and maintenance gap.
Our focus is currently on the Refinery Conversion Project, which will enable co-treatment of both sulphides and oxides to produce refined metal.

Significant work has been put into the Refinery Conversion project, including the completion of the bankable feasibility study. Once completed, the Refinery will process zinc concentrate from Vedanta Group companies located in South Africa , add value in Namibia, and export the refined product.

NAD 6.5 billion has been set aside for the future of Skorpion Zinc which is promising massive Socio-Economic benefits with a projection of approx. 1 300 direct employment, 12 730 induced employment from the Refinery Conversion Project.


Skorpion Zinc Mine has been in operation since 2003. It was acquired by Vedanta Resources Plc in 2010 from Anglo and became part of Vedanta Zinc International.

At the time of acquisition, Skorpion Zinc had a life of mine of only 4 years and was expected to close in 2015. Vedanta invested in further exploration and the life of mine was extended to mid-2017. With support of our exploration team, more work was done and the life of mine was further extended to 2020 as the company embarked on the Pit 112 project.