We produce Lead ingots with min 99.99% purity which are registered with LME under following brand names:
  • Vedanta 99.99
  • Vedanta Pb 99.99
Lead metal is used in a number of applications including battery segment, lead-based pigments, and cathode-ray tubes. Our refined lead metal is available in standard 25 kgs ingots.Lead metal is used in a number of applications with the primary being Lead Acid Battery and others include pigments and chemicals.


Application Of Zinc
The battery sector is the single largest consumer of lead, accounting for around three-quarters of the demand. It can be sub-divided into the following groups:

SLI (Starting-Lighting-Ignition) batteries, which currently account for over half of the total lead demand. These are mainly used in cars and light vehicles but are also found in other applications such as golf carts and boats. SLI battery demand in turn can be split into original equipment and replacement, with replacement demand outstripping original equipment demand by about 4:1 in mature markets.

Industrial batteries, which currently consume around a quarter of the total lead produced. This sector can be split roughly 50:50 into stationary and traction batteries. Stationary batteries are principally used in backup power supply systems; traction batteries are used for motive power in equipment such as forklift trucks and motorized wheelchairs.

The remainder is used in non-battery applications. The second-largest current end-use of lead for non-battery applications, accounting for around 20% of lead consumption, is the alloys and chemical industry. Principal markets are for cathode-ray tubes used in television screens and computer monitors, for Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) stabilizers, and for making pigments for industrial use. Cable and other industries account for the remaining 5% of lead demand.